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iTunes store I digitize a lot of music from records and then import the files into iTunes. In many cases I want to add the songs that I have digitized to an existing album in my iTunes library. Unfortunately, often when I try to add the songs to an existing album, iTunes will either create a duplicate album with the exact same name as the existing album and put the songs in it, or, worse yet, create a duplicate artist with the same name as the existing artist and put the songs in an album for that artist. i have been trying to upgrade itunes the last couple of months but kept getting an error 'the older version of apple software update cannot be removed. contact your technical support group' I have already tried to uninstall the current version of itunes using the steps recommended by experts in the community. I get stuck when i try to uninstall Apple Software Update from Windows 10 (see second screen shot below) Recently I got a new iPhone 5 so I had backed up my old iPhone 4 with iTunes so I could transfer all my information. But, when I plugged in my iPhone 5 it came with this message: "The iPhone "Rachel's iPhone" cannot be used because it requires a newer version of iTunes. Go to www.itunes.come to download the latest version of iTunes". The iPhone 5 is iOS9.2 So, I went to the website to download iTunes since it was version 12.1.2 and needed to be 12.3.2, downloaded it, went to do the set-up, then it came up with the message: "A later version of Apple Software Update is already installed on this computer." SoooOOoo, iTunes store I tried uninstalling it (following every single step on Apple Support to do it) but when I was coming to uninstall all the apple programs I couldn't find "Apple Software Update", it wasn't in my Programs... I did all the steps anyway, and the same message of "A later version of Apple Software Update is already installed on this computer." came up after I tried to reinstall iTunes. So, I guess my overall question is, what do I do? How can I fix this? I have loaded the 64-bit setup and tried to run install from Tools instead of Auto All is well until the very end and then a roll back starts automatically I have also tried to disable my AV during install but that did not make a difference Also ran install with Admin Privileges go

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