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          教师简介 - 仁wrye




          Humanities & Social Sciences


          主题: 社会学

          仁wrye is a broadly trained sociologist with expertise in food studies, animal-human relations, teaching and pedagogy and social justice studies. Jen joined North Island College in 2012 to teach introductory and second year university transfer 社会学 courses after holding teaching appointments at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. Her scholarship and teaching are informed by social constructionism and critical theories. Her classes emphasize active learning and self-exploration by engaging students in the process of discovery. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Jen sits as co-chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee 在NIC, institutional representative of the BC Committee of Universities, Colleges & Institutes Professional Developers, and Director of LUSH Valley Food Action Society. She is working on research projects related to teaching and food security in the Comox Valley. Originally from Windsor, Ontario, Jen relishes living in another storied, working people’s town, Cumberland, B.C.


          毫安社会学(卡尔顿大学); BA妇女研究(西部大学)

          SOC-110 社会学概论我

          SOC-111 介绍社会学二

          SOC-220 介绍了社会学的研究方法

          SOC-230 Sociological Explanations of Crime & Deviance

          wrye,J。 2015年“‘内心深处的狗知道自己想要什么’:动物性,影响,以及在商业宠物食品killability。在 死亡的经济体:killable生活和grievable死亡的经济逻辑。通过tish Lopez和凯瑟琳Gillespie的编辑。纽约:Routledge;

          wrye,仁。 2012年“老板和工人:主动学习锻炼的剥削和阶级对立。” 高校教学 60:140-146。


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