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          First Nations Sociology 130 introduces the student to some of the major concepts and issues in the discipline of Sociology through a unique and significantly different format. Within the course content we will address such complex issues as Cultural Racism / Socialization, Inequality & Stratification, and Racism in the Mass Media. Your instructors will collaborate to present an interactive and thought-provoking course through a balance of Western Sociological and Aboriginal perspectives. This course is designed to encourage students to think inter-culturally, beyond their own World View.


          • 下,在英语研究12中的一个,省英语12,英语第一人民12,NIC 060主机,主机096,主机或098;或c +在ESL 092和ESL 095;或英语评估。

          对于课程表信息,请访问我们的 时间表。注意:当然注册是开放的接受为NIC课程的学生。如果您有任何疑问,请致电1-800-715-0914。

          有关转让的信息: bctransferguide.ca 

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